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April, 2017

Hello, Iron Pack!


Here are the highlights from the 2017-2018 Planning Meeting:

May Brainstorming Sessions

Wednesday, May 10, from dismissal (11am) to 2pm.  Bring money to throw in for pizza!
Wednesday, May 24th, 2pm – 4pm
Thursday, May 25th, 2pm – 4pm
Please see Mrs. Costello if you have a scheduling conflict.

Summer Build Sessions

Dates and times TBD.  A Doodle poll will be sent out soon so we can pick dates that will work for most people.  We can even do different dates with different teams, if that’s what ends up working.  Nothing is mandatory if you’re busy or out of town, but I’d love to see us make some solid pre-season progress.

Competition Dates (approximate)

Late October – large north Jersey competition, primarily for scouting and refining design ideas
Around Thanksgiving-ish – small competition (~30teams)
December 9 – Home competition
Late January – big competition (multiple divisions, etc.)
February 10 – Home competition

Parts Order

Stay tuned for a shared Google doc for your parts “wish lists.”  Order will be placed in early June, after we’ve had a few brainstorming sessions.

Contracts and Money
The $75 fee to participate in high school robotics will be collected in September, so please plan ahead.  We’ll do contracts then as well.
As always, feel free to e-mail me if you have any suggestions or questions.

Cathy Costello