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VRC Team News

Hello, Iron Pack!

Just a few things to keep in mind to set yourself up for success next season…

Summer Goals

Try to organize meetings with your team over the summer to design specific components of your robot in great detail.  Besides getting you ready to pick up a screwdriver as soon as school starts, taking the time to make great diagrams will help get your notebooks off to a great start. If you can’t meet in person, use tools like Google Draw to collaborate over distance.

Keep Thinking Strategy

  • How does autonomous both score points and set you up for success in driver control?
  •  What are the pros and cons of mobile goals vs. stationary goals?
  • What is the Ultimate Carry-Bot? What is the Ultimate Stacker-Bot? Which is a better focus for your robot?
  •  What would you like your alliance partner to do?

Contracts and Money

The $75 fee to participate in high school robotics will be collected in September, so please plan ahead.  We’ll do contracts then as well.