Name: Susan Linder

Education: BS in Library Science/Elementary Education (Millersville State University), M.ed. in Curriculum and Instruction (American College of Education)

Current Role: K-12 Librarian


Name: Emily McCombemccomb

Education: B.S. in Education, with a Minor in Art

Current Classes: K-8 Art

Teacher Site: LINK

Name: Kelly McMahon

Education: BS in Biology (Millersville University), BA in Fine Arts (Millersville University)

Current Classes: 8th Grade Environmental Science & 8th Grade PLTW

Teacher Site: LINK

Name: Silvija Mezgailis

Education: BS in Business Administration (State University of New York at Albany), MS in Elementary Education (University of Pennsylvania)

Current Role: Academic Specialist

Teacher Site: LINK

Name: Kevin Ouellettekouellette

Education: B.A., M.Ed.

Current Role: Math Specialist

Teacher Site: LINK


Name: Lidia Saldanha

Education: B.A. in Languages; Certifications in Spanish, French, and ESOL

Current Classes: World Languages (Spanish I/French I)

Teacher Site: LINK

Name: Rachel Sandhaussandhaus

Education: Bachelor’s of Music (Houghton College); Master’s of Education (Gratz College)

Current Classes: K-4 General Music, 4-8 Instrumental Music

Teacher Site: LINK

Name: Michael Simpson

Education: University of Pittsburgh, Delaware Valley College

Current Classes: 5th grade music, 6th grade music, 7th grade music

Teacher Site: LINK

 Jessica Thomasjessthomas

Education: BBA in Human Resources Management (Temple University), M.Ed. in Business, Computers & Information Technology (Temple University)

Current Classes: 5-7 Technology, 8th Grade Computer Science/Technology Integration Specialist

Teacher Site: LINK


Bobbie Tyndallbtyndall

Education: BA and MA in Education (Holy Family University), PA Reading Specialist Certification K-12, Certified in MS Language Arts

Current Role: Reading Specialist

Teacher Site: LINK