To contact a teacher directly please use the email available on this list: NFCS Teacher Email List


Robert Alkins

Name: Robert Alkins

Education: BS in Secondary Education with certifications in Social Studies and Science (Temple University )

Current Classes: 8th Grade Social Studies and Physical Science, Homeroom 8A

Teacher Site: LINK

CatherineAnaniaName: Catherine Anania

Education: BA in Education (Saint Joseph’s University), M.Ed. (Saint Joseph’s University)

Current Classes: 6th and 8th grade ELA

Teacher Site: LINK

katiecarlinoName: Katie Carlino

Education: MA in History, BA in English

Current Classes: 6th and 7th Grade Social Studies, 7th Grade ELA, 7A Homeroom

Teacher Site: LINK

Name: Diane Fanega

Education: B.A. in Sociology (Temple University), M.Ed. in Elementary Education (Temple University)

Current Classes: 7th & 8th Grade ELA, 8D Homeroom

 Teacher Site: LINK


RachelFoxSerraName: Rachel Fox Serra

Education: BA in Anthropology (Eastern University), M.Ed. in Education (Temple University)

Current Classes: Human Geography, 8th Grade English, 8C Homeroom

Teacher Site: LINK

JonathanGonzalesName: Jon Gonzales

Education: BS in Education, BA in Mathematics, Minor in Physics (Temple University)

Current Classes: 7th Grade Math, 6th Grade Math, 7th Grade Science, 7C Homeroom

Teacher Site: LINK

Michael McGovernName: Michael McGovern

Education: BS in Psychology (Fordham University), M.Ed. in Elementary Education (Holy Family University)

Current Classes: 8th Grade Math, Algebra, 6th Grade Science, 7th Grade Science

Teacher Site: LINK

Name: Michael Miscewitz

Education: B.S. in Middle Grades Education (Temple University), PA Middle Grades (4-8) Mathematics and Science Certification

Current Classes: 7th Grade Math & 8th Grade Science, 7B Homeroom

Teacher Site: LINK

asulzbachName: Ashley Politi

Education: B.A. in Elementary and Special Education (LaSalle University), M.Ed. (Cabrini College)

Current Classes: 6th/8th English, 7th Grade Social Studies, 6B Homeroom

Teacher Site: LINK

Elizabeth TarmanName: Elizabeth Wilson

Education: B.S. Middle Grades Education, Math and Science (Kutztown University)

Current Classes: 6th Grade Math, 6C Homeroom

Teacher Site: LINK

ChristopherWarnerName: Chris Warner

Education: BS in Secondary Education; MS in Integrated Science Instruction

Current Classes: 8th Grade Math; 8th Grade Science, 8B Homeroom

Teacher Site: LINK