To contact a teacher directly please use the email available on this list: NFCS Teacher Email List


brittanybeckName: Brittany Beck

Education: B.S. in Health & Physical Education (East Stroudsburg University), M.S. in General Education (Holy Family University)

Current Classes: 12th Grade Health & Physical Education

Teacher Site: LINK

deirdrebrettName: Deirdre Brett

Education: B.A. in English (LaSalle University), Secondary Education Certification (Chestnut Hill College), MA in Reading Education (Cabrini College)

Current Classes: Tenth grade American Literature, Eleventh Grade British Literature

Teacher Site: LINK

DavidBullockName: David Bullock

Education: BA in History, Minor in Marketing (Juniata College), MA in History (Lehigh University), AP Certification (LaSalle University)

Current Classes: AP Psychology, Introduction to Psychology, Introduction to Sociology

Teacher Site: LINK


Name: Joseph Burns

Education: BA in English Literature, MA in Education

Current Classes: AP Literature and Composition

Teacher Site: LINK

Name: Megan Donnelly

Education: B.A. in Political Science (Villanova University), M.Ed. in Secondary Education (Temple University)

Current Classes: Psychology/Sociology, AP Comparative Government and Politics

Teacher Site: LINK

Brenna Dooley

Name: Brenna Dooley

Education: B.A. in Secondary Education

Current Classes: 12th Literature; AP Literature and Composition

Teacher Site: LINK

Name: Todd Ermer

Education: BS in Secondary Education (Penn State University)

Current Classes:  10th and 11th Chemistry; 11th and 12th AP Chemistry

Teacher Site: LINK

Name: Nick Esposito

Education: BS in Secondary Education, English and Communications (Penn State University)

Current Classes: English 10, College Essay Writing, Journalism

Teacher Site: LINK

Name: Andrew Lynch

Education: BS in Secondary Education, History/Social Studies, 7-12 (Holy Family University)

Current Classes: U.S. History I (9th and 10th), American Minority (11th and 12th)

Teacher Site: LINK


Name: Michael Martin

Education: BA in Education (Misericordia University)

Current Classes: Government and Economics

Teacher Site: LINK

Matt MartinName: Matthew Martin

Education: B.S. in Secondary Education Social Studies and English

Current Classes: AP World History, 9th Grade World History, 10th English

Teacher Site: LINK

Name: Collin McCann

Education: B.S. in Math with Teaching (Temple University)

Current Classes: 9th grade Algebra I and Geometry

 Teacher Site: LINK


Name: Jane McGregor

Education: BS in Biology, M.Ed. in Secondary Education

Current Classes: Chemistry, Forensic Science I and II

Teacher Site: Chemistry, Forensics

Name: Daniel McMullen

Education: B.S. in Mathematics Education (Holy Family University)

Current Classes: Geometry and Pre-Calculus

Teacher Site: LINK


Name: James Millard

Education: BA in Physics (Temple University), Masters of Education in Mathematics (Temple University)

Current Classes: Geometry and Pre-Calculus

Teacher Site: LINK


Name: Nick Miller Good

Education: B.A. in Physics (Goshen College), M.S. in Education (University of Pennsylvania)

Current Classes: Physics, Pre-Calculus

Teacher Site: LINK


Name: Samantha Moffat

Education: BS in Education (Temple University)

Current Classes: Spanish 1

Teacher Site: LINK

Name: Alexandra Montgomery

Education: Tyler School of Art, BFA in Sculpture with a Concentration in Art Education

Current Classes: Art

Teacher Site: LINK


Name: David Moomaw

Education: BS in Education (Temple University)

Current Classes: US History I, Geometry

Teacher Site: LINK

zackrieglerName: Zach Riegler

Education: BA in Secondary Education (Holy Family University), Masters in the Art of Teaching (Marygrove College)

Current Classes: World History, Psychology/Sociology

Teacher Site: LINK

Name: Jacqueline Rocco

Education: BS in English Secondary Education (Temple University), MA African American History (Eastern University), MA Multicultural Education MA Organizational Leadership

Current Classes: English 9

Teacher Site: LINK


Name: Dante Rufo

Education: B.S in Secondary Education

Current Classes: US History II and World History

Teacher Site: LINK

Name: Dana Russell

Education: B.S. in Biology Education, Temple University

Current Classes: Environmental Science, 9-12

Teacher Site: LINK

MichaelSamuelName: Michael Samuel

Education: BA in History (University of Wisconsin-Madison), Masters in Secondary Social Studies (Temple University)

Current Classes: 11th Grade U.S. History II, 11th Grade Criminal Justice

Teacher Site: LINK

Name: Lilibell Sanchez

Education: B.A. in Psychology, M.S.Ed in Education

Current Classes: Spanish II, Spanish III

Teacher Site: LINK

James Schmidt

Name: James Schmidt

Education: B.S in Secondary Math Education, Masters in Education (Holy Family University)

Current Classes: Pre-Calculus, AP Calculus, Principles of Engineering

Teacher Site: LINK

Name: Laure Seraphin

Education: B.S. in Biology with Teaching,  (Temple University University)

Current Classes: Biology, 10th grade; Anatomy and Physiology: 11th and 12th grade

Teacher Site: LINK


Name: Devon Spiller

Education: B.S. in Biology, Minor in Mathematics (Temple University)

Current Classes: Geometry, Anatomy & Physiology

Teacher Site: LINK

Name: Ryan Smyrl

Education: B.A. in Secondary Education, B.A. in History (La Salle University)

Current Classes: 9th and 10th Grade U.S. History 1

Teacher Site: LINK


Name: Jennifer Stillwell

Education: B.S. in Mathematics Education (Temple University) M.A. Educational Technology (Michigan State University)

Current Classes: 10th grade Geometry and 12th grade Pre-Calculus

Teacher Site: LINK


Name: Sarnetta Sumner

Education: B.A. in Criminal Justice, M.S. in Education

Current Classes: English 9, Keystone Literature

Teacher Site: LINK


Name: Jennie Taylor

Education: BS in Secondary Education Mathematics (Temple University)

Current Classes: Algebra I, Keystone Prep

Teacher Site: LINK


Name: Heather Urban

Education: BA in Secondary Education (Arcadia University)

Current Classes: Algebra 2, Consumer Math

Teacher Site: LINK

Name: Jennifer Vajda

.Education: B.S. in Geology (Richard Stockton College of New Jersey M.A. in Secondary Education,  (University of Phoenix)

Current Classes: Forensic Science and Biology, 9-12

Teacher Site: LINK


Name: Robert Voigt

Education: BA English from Temple University, M. Ed. from Temple University

Current Classes: 9th Grade World History, 10th Grade US History 1

Teacher Site: LINK