Board of Trustees


Mr. David Lambie

Vice President, 

Mrs. Kisha Thompson   


Mr. Thomas Shirley  


 Ms. Karen Bowman


Mr. Ron Brady

At Large Member,

Mr. Michael Thomson


Fr. Samuel Murangi

Ms. Sheryl Perzel
Ms. Lizette Olmeda


Ms. Michelle Ross, Member
Dr. Melissa Rotz, Member

Faculty Representatives

K-8, TBD

High School,    Ms. Clare Loranger




NFCS Board Policy and Procedures Manual


Community Comment Submission for Board Meetings

Thank you for your engagement with New Foundations Charter School. If you have a comment or concern that you would like to address with the Board of Trustees in person during a meeting, please use this form to submit it up to 24 hours ahead of the board meeting: the Board of Trustees in person during a meeting, please use this form to submit it up to 24 hours ahead of the board meeting:

Board Meetings are held on the Tuesdays below at 6pm:

August 13, 2019
September 10, 2019
October 8, 2019
November 12, 2019
December 10, 2019
January 14, 2020
February 11, 2020
March 10, 2020
April 14, 2020
May 12, 2020
June 9, 2020

Board Updates

As part of Pennsylvania’s Comprehensive Planning Process the following document is available for public review. Any comments or concerns can be sent to our CEO, Mr. Ron Brady at .

New Foundations CS Comprehensive-Plan (2018)

Special Announcements

Additional Board Meeting Notice:

Date: Tuesday, April 23, 2019
Time: 6:00 pm
Dial-In: (712) 832-8327
Code: 9340540

Meeting Agendas and Minutes

2019-2020 Board Meeting Schedule

2018-2019 Board Meeting Schedule

July, 2018: AgendaMinutes

August, 2018: Agenda, Minutes

September, 2018: AgendaMinutes

October, 2018: AgendaMinutes

November, 2018: AgendaMinutes

December, 2018: AgendaMinutes

January, 2019: AgendaMinutes

February, 2019: AgendaMinutes

March, 2019: AgendaMinutes

April, 2019: AgendaMinutes

April 23, 2019: AgendaMinutes

May, 2019: Agenda,  Minutes

June, 2019: AgendaMinutes

2017-2018 Board Meeting Schedule

  • February 12th meeting has been moved to February 20th
  • April 2nd meeting has been moved to April 16th

June, 2018 (June 25): AgendaMinutes

June, 2018 (June 11): AgendaMinutes

May, 2018: AgendaMinutes

April, 2018: AgendaMinutes

March, 2018: AgendaMinutes

February, 2018: AgendaMinutes

January, 2018: AgendaMinutes

December, 2017 (Dec. 21): Agenda, Minutes

December, 2017 (Dec. 11): AgendaMinutes

November, 2017: AgendaMinutes

October, 2017: AgendaMinutes


2016-2017 Board Meeting Schedule

August, 2017: Agenda, Minutes

July, 2017: Agenda, Minutes

June, 2017 (June 22): Agenda, Minutes

June, 2017 (June 12): Agenda, Minutes

May, 2017: Agenda, Minutes

April, 2017: Agenda, Minutes

March, 2017: Agenda, Minutes

February, 2017: Agenda, Minutes

January 2016: Agenda, Minutes

December 2016: Agenda, Minutes

November 2016: Agenda, Minutes

October 2016: Agenda, Minutes

September 2016: Agenda, Minutes

August 2016: Agenda, Minutes

July 2016:Agenda, Minutes



June 2016: Agenda, Minutes

May 2016: Agenda, Minutes

April 2016: Agenda, Minutes

March 2016: Agenda, Minutes

February 2016: Agenda, Minutes

January 2016: Agenda, Minutes

December 2015: Agenda, Minutes

November 2015: Agenda, Minutes

October 2015: Agenda, Minutes

September 2015: Agenda, Minutes